About us

Constina’s Boutique & Design is the epitome of class, elegance, and style – A full-service boutique dictating the fashion trends in the Houston Texas Metropolitan & surrounding areas for the last 35 years. Founded in 1985, this is the pièce de résistance of Constina – A realtor, motivational speaker, and fashion aficionado with 10+ years of expertise as a Master Stylist, Interior Designer, and Diva Concierge.

Constina may be the woman behind Constina’s Boutique & Design, but the seed of fashion was implanted in her heart at an early age by her voguish grandmother Mildred. She was the one who formulated Tina’s Design by Mildred with Constina as her inspiration when she was merely six years old. Constina still remembers the nostalgic experience of walking down the ramp on fashion shows with a face gleaming with oil applied through the loving hands of her mother. Her grandmother and mother are the true founders of Constina’s Boutique as they were the ones who built the foundation of love for fashion in the deepest alley of Constina’s heart. That’s the reason why Constina’s Boutique & Design takes immense pride in its incredible legacy rich in integrity, community, and love.

Constina’s Boutique is a staple in the fashion industry and our style is what you call Timeless. Serving by the motto Class Last Forever, we aspire to offer a personalized experience to every client tailored down to their exclusive needs for style and luxury. At Constina’s Boutique, no two visits are the same as every new day we seek to find new ways to satisfy your yearning for luxurious fashion. Rich in love and overflowing with compassion, Constina’s Boutique is a family of happy and trendy fashion fanatics who are proud to portray their love for style and sophistication. We cater to our clients in exceptional ways offering complimentary mimosas, diva concierge service, and sip & shop parties.

You can also shop online at our stores or use the pick-up and mobile delivery options offered by Constina’s Boutique. As we Transition from brick & mortar, we continue to evolve with the evolutions of time solely to serve fashion lovers like you in extraordinary ways.

Check out our new and upcoming Men’s Collection Fall 2020 or be the first to experience Constina’s Boutique Face Line in the coming December.